Links I Love #1

Erin asked for a list of blogs I like, so I thought in lieu of actual content, why don’t I share some of the places I’ve been clicking around to lately?


I don’t read a ton of blogs anymore, but here are a few I’ve been particularly enjoying in the past week or so:

Sweeping Up Joy — Alicia writes about life with little ones and serious medical special needs with a bubbly optimism and humor that is infectious.  Reading her blog is like visiting with another homeschool mom over the back fence.

Camp Homeschool — I just discovered this blog last week after following a link in a Facebook group for Homeschooling and Down Syndrome.  Jennifer writes about life in a large Catholic homeschool family in which one of the children happens to have Down Syndrome.  She also homeschools him.  I read through all her Down Syndrome archives last week and found myself reassured by her confidence that she could provide just as good an environment for her child as all the experts.  Also, they grow cranberries which is kind of neat.

A Work in Progress — This is a book blog that I’ve been enjoying for a while.  It’s not commercial, just a collection of the author’s reading notes and reviews and links.  While our politics differ, I do like her book recommendations and her chatty posts.

Internet Places

Well, there’s only one Internet place where I hang out a lot, but that’s because it’s lovely.  It’s the Book A Week thread on the Well-Trained Mind boards. I stumbled onto this wonderfully eclectic community of readers last year after having sort-of participated in the 52 Books Challenge with my blog for a few years.  Robin runs both the 52 Books blog and the BaW thread, and it really is one of the nicest places on the Internet. Every week I try to post what I’ve read and I look forward to seeing what everyone else is reading.  Be warned, though: if you check out this thread, your TBR list is likely to grow exponentially! But you might be encouraged to read more books this year, too.

And some random links…

The Simple Truth Behind Reading 200 Books a Year — I don’t know if I could read 200 books in a year, but I do know that I could probably read more if I didn’t have internet access when I sit down to nurse.

Thirty Dollars, Five DinnersDinner:A Love Story is one of the only food blogs that has remained on my subscription list.  In this post, she took $30 to Whole Foods to make five dinners for 4 people.  I make dinner for way more than 4 people every night, but I do shop at Whole Foods for some of the weird specialty items that we need.  Lately with my husband out of town a lot I’ve found myself picking up other things at Whole Foods, too, and our grocery bill has been creeping correspondingly upward.

And speaking of food…

One of my favorite YouTube channels is Jammeril’s Large Family Table.  She’s feeding 7 kids and a husband (and she’s pregnant) and they eat.  Jammeril is very down to earth and watching her giant grocery hauls makes me feel less weird.





3 thoughts on “Links I Love #1

  1. Thanks for reading and for the shout-out!!! It made my day to know that I have a reader who isn’t also a relative. ❤


  2. I second Alicia’s comment from above, but I can’t leave that cute heart because I’m not that techie. The youtube link is awesome. I love watching other large families in action.


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